What happens when horse rider Daniel Bluman from Colombia moves from four legs to two wheels? Can Olympic BMX rider Elke Vanhoof from Belgium learn to ride a horse in a day?

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  1. My best friend was so scared to ride horse, one day I convinced her to have a little go on one of mine. fast she rode in a saddle 10 minutes at a walk, then she trotted a little bit, then I took away stirrups and made her close her eyes, I led her around for a bit. We took a little break and then I got her to jump on bareback. By the end of the day she could trot relatively well and even did a little bit of a canter. She started of nervous but gained confidence quickly. Her heels need heaps of work but her hands were ok. I've been teaching her now for half a year and she's improved heaps, I'm so proud of her 💚

    This woman will get there if she wants to and determined

  2. And this is why u can never compare jumping to anything else. A lot of other sports r time and skill based. I mean with sports like Bmx, u only need to know a few things and u just need to work on those and ur fine. But with riding u need to perfect certain things, to be able to do other things. Which makes it hard to compare, it takes a long time to perfect the basics, so she can't just learn everything he knows and then see who performs better. And it's like that even between other equestrian sports, u need to build on ur previous knowledge. So u can't have a jumper v.s. a barrel racer. You need to build on the jumps otherwise it's not fair, while barrel racing would be a little easier to make it even bc it's just about speed

  3. When I rode a horse for reals for the first time, I did rising trot. They put me in a more advanced class so I was never actually taught the basics which I really wish I had been. Before this, I’d been on a horse twice for trail rides and once on a donkey. I learned all I know from a dvd called “I love ponies” and watched it religiously, studying everything that was said and done. Although I could quote it (and still can, even the music stays with me) I could not- for the life of me- figure out how they got the horse to jump. That was the only major thing that I was taught by my instructors (they taught me how to properly place my hands for canter), but 7+ years later I still really wish I could have been taught the basics by them. I’ve picked up a nasty habit of bouncing really weirdly in canter when jumping a course, and I think it’s bc I’m tense and under pressure bc I think I can’t do it or smth? But it’s only on one horse that this happens????? Anyways I wish they’d have listened when I told them I was a beginner n it was only bc I was a huge nerd that I knew how to do rising trot so that I could’ve actually learned.

  4. Why would you risk more than a walk on that horse? Such a financial and training risk would be unconscionable. I can see how a nervous ingenue would be thrilled to get just a taste of riding successfully and how a first time BMX rider would be thrilled to shave ten seconds off his first attempt. Nuances in both sports take a lot of time, effort and practice.

  5. i do BMX and i ride (barrels, and jumping, but mainly just ride for fun) im not pro BMX but ive been in 2 competitions at beginner level and for one got second and the other got third. and theyre completely different and if i didnt BMX and tried to do it after i got super used to riding it would be incredibly diffucult

  6. I am an equestrian and my classmates always say that it's easy and then one time we went riding with our school and my classmate sat on a horse that was walking and he was screaming "its to fast!" and when it was my turn to ride and the instructor knew I can ride so he set up some jumps and everyone was shocked when I pooped over them like it was a joke. I am lucky that I could prove to my classmates that riding isn't easy and that the horse doesn't do everything by itself.

  7. Giving the BMX Girl credit where it's due: That's not a beginner's horse, most likely one of the "quieter" horses in the barn she can use. I've never seen a beginner's horse ignore the simplest commands, despite the loose reins, and wander off like: "Eh… No."

  8. Best series on this channel, hands down. As funny and comedic certain episodes are, it really shows that there's always something to learn from fellow athletes in other sports. Each discipline is it's very contained world, with specific sets of skills and body requirements. But general principles of sports discipline do apply absolutely everywhere.

  9. The clucking and shaking the reins made me laugh a bit but she gave it an awesome try! I mean she never rode horses before and that horse looked a bit big for her height(i know thats not really an issue). Also I would be kinda scared doing that with a bike especially with the rain. Though I like doing tricks on bikes.

  10. Daniel trying on BMX knowing fellow Colombian athlete Mariana Pajón is two-time olympic gold medalist, but no pressure :'V (he did very well, though!).

    Edit: I know Belgium does very well in equestrian sports, but the context is different. Colombia's gold medalists can be counted with the fingers of one hand, and Mariana is the only one with two gold medals in the history of the country.


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