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In 1997, Prince Naseem was at its peak. Two years earlier, he won the WBO title and spent eight defenses in a row, in parallel “pocketed” and the IBF title. For these merits, Hamed was included in the pound for pound rating. “Prince” was good. His main task was to make a fool of the enemy. To deceive, to confuse, to tug, and most importantly, to do it beautifully and with hands down. He almost always succeeded. He was in knockdowns, because of ostentatious negligence in defense and a jaw dropping, but he always got up and sent an opponent to the knockout…

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  1. Naveen had insane power and showman ship but that's about it. Barrera schooled Naseem because he solely had technical ability over Naseem. And there are fighter who were at a higher level than Barerra. Naseem was never an A-Class fighter


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