What happens when Team USA football star Heather O’Reilly is asked to spin a ribbon? What can a Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Gold Medallist Margarita Mamun do with a football?

Check out the Sports Swap series where Olympians try each other’s sport: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/sports-swap/core-sports-swap/sports-swap-football-vs-gymnastics-with-heather-oreilly-margarita-mamun/

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  1. Really enjoying this series! I wish there was Synchronized swimming swap. It’s an incredibly difficult and beautiful sport that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. It would be prefect for this series!

  2. This looked so much like a teenage comedy about two girls; the pretty girl and the tomb boy, who are forced to be friends but find inspiration and admiration for each other through their passion for different sports. I loved it!

  3. You play soccer, not football, Heather. The sport was called soccer when it was invented. Brits and eurofags changed their minds and now want to call it something different. What they should really call it is poverty ball, because that's what it really is. lol

  4. Oohf. Isn’t ribbon one of the harder apparatuses? I’m impressed that Heather’s ribbon didn’t tangle.
    Margarita seems like she’s really easy to get along with. She’s always given off that impression in interviews before. She speaks really good English too.

  5. What a cute episode!
    Rita is such a humble athlete. She reminds me so much or Alina Zagitova and vice versa. Both humble champions! I’m sure Rita would be a great coach on day ❤️


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