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Don King is the most influential promoter in boxing history, the Hall of Fame member, a figure without whom The Rumble in the Jungle and The Thrilla in Manila wouldn’t exist. Made stars from Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes and dozens of other boxers who later sued him for robbing them. Don King, who organized over 500 title fights, had the mercilessness of Pablo Escobar and the mind of Friedrich Gauss. So who is he really a brilliant promoter or the vilest and deceitful man in boxing history? In this video, I suggest you watch how Don King throws Mike Tyson.

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  1. Don kink he is the same people who take advantage on yang talented because they yang and no experience in life yet
    That way we should have a low to protect those talented
    Yang man who need help not use them then throw them and
    Take there money
    Don king should be jal 50 years
    But the system in America Car-opt you have to be so lucky if you singer or sport
    Look at the raper they all with fancy cars and gold but the mangers or the promoter taking the most they run the show I say that because
    Not every day we found some one like mike Tyson or Mohamad Ali
    Or Wendy Huston or or frank sanatoria. Those people who hunt anther they are thefts
    They should be in jail
    Any one he think he have it
    Should ask 3 to 8 advise before you do the move
    You must be carful the way they right the contract
    The smart who well laving in the end

  2. I really hate dumb don because of the way Mike Tyson talk about him …i know Mike Tyson do not lie and can give a fuck about telling you the very truth no matter how vicious his explanation is about the truth if I eve see don the scum I will give him some of what he deserves no matter how high of a price I have to pay

  3. tisun know how to win the how to win is attack powerfully
    the attack is likely to kill but the opposite is game to punch
    this is big dtfferent tison is ready to kill
    he was fighter to win he thought he did he won

  4. Don King = Air Jaws with other peoples money. I worked across the street from Don Kings headquarters in Florida and I watched Mike & Don arguing on I-95. Mike was jumping up on the median,  in and out of the livery car. it was crazy.

  5. Clayton took 20% but King took 85%,plus what Givens and her mother fleeced him for and made him hate white people,while Givens was fucking every white actor or dudes with money,the bitch slept with Howard Stern,I'm sure it for his looks

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