The Kalenjin tribe from Kenya has dominated long-distance Olympic running like no one else. Discover the secret ingredients to their success.

Get a first-hand taste of the unusual diets and traditional cuisines of some of the world’s most successful Olympians:

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  1. 飛脚と同じですね。

  2. As I already have recognized during my life it seams to be here also a part of success….the energy! You can take it out if somebody brings it in… this case I have seen a lot of unprocessed food which seams to be a important factor beside the positive energy the people provide to each other with their interactions…..allways milling faces if they meet each other. Time to think about make a step back for the most of us…..

  3. This kind of food is eaten all over Africa unless you are living under a rock. This is why we tell Africans to stay out of Western Countries and stay in Africa, we are better of than them in a lot of ways but we don't listen and we go to these western countries and eat their poisonous foods that end up giving Africans diabetes, high blood pressure, Cancer and some of their bad deseases. If Africans know how better of they are, they will never put their foot in Europe of America. These places are like poison traps ready to trap you.

  4. as a child Jamaica my mom would give me a bowl of cornmeal porridge and one egg for breakfast, at one point in time i was so broke i ate cornmeal for breakfast lunch and dinner for a month and still was training for track.

  5. Reasons the Kenyans are great:
    -high-altitude training
    -non-processed food diet and lots of vegetables
    -simple lifestyle
    -have to run to school at an early age building endurance into their systems
    -motivation from winning offering a way out of poverty
    -high morals
    -Dedication to training
    -they go really easy on easy days
    -they go really hard on hard days
    -skinny but strong calfs allowing for minimal loss in energy
    -barefoot style foot-strike
    -long legs, short torso
    -clean air
    -soft running trails
    -training opportunities (outside coaches all the time hold training/running camps)
    -mental toughness
    -positive attitudes
    -strong running communities

    I'm a young runner in America and I see these people and strive to be like them. Our family is a poorer family in a town of rich families and it makes eating healthy seem hard but I know it's not. I am blessed to live in a town with one of the best running programs in the state so I work hard and make the most out of everything. I've turned out to be the best XC runner in my grade and I strive to be better every time I run, but that doesn't always mean running as hard as I can. Sometimes it means slowing it down and paying attention to my relationships and well-being.

  6. Hats off Olympic Channel… You r Great Channel… And team behind this channel is Great… They really worked hard to get this Awsome video for us.. 👍👏👏🙌💖💖💖I respect Athletes ❤️❤️❤️I love Olympics and Olympic channel 💖💖From India 🇮🇳❤️

  7. I had the privilege of spending 8 weeks in Kenya in my late 20's and was able to run each day with the locals. Not only are they just natural born to running, but they are genuinely the nicest, humble, selfless people I have met. I hope to go back someday soon.

  8. Awesome video ! Thank you for sharing! I agree with you what makes them amazing runners is likely their environment and life style very suitable for that activity and not primarily their genetic. One way to test that theory is to check in regions that produce the best swimmers in the world to see if similar reasons are found. So maybe genetics is an adaptation to their extensive running and not the major reason of their success as runners.

  9. Awesome! My best advise is run for pleasure as it is so much fun and use your brain to make money! That’s what I did and it surely worked for me. To train to become a doctor a lawyer or an engineer is called studying and a good studying coach is called a teacher. You have all the infra-structure in Kenya to make it happen. Do not invest in the Olympics as it is a lost cause. Invest on being nice and knowledgeable instead and you will go much further in your development. Amazing runners which I am sure have amazing brains so use it. I believe in you guys. 👍👍👍


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