Curious about reducing your carbon footprint by replacing your car with a bike? Want to start cycle commuting? James breaks down the numbers to demonstrate the benefits of replacing your car with a bike.

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  1. I love riding my bike and I will never own a car. People think it’s too difficult or just not convenient. But I’ve found that the bigger barrier that prevents people from riding their bike more is their own mentality saying that they can’t.

  2. We as a Dutch family, went to Surrey in the UK this summer. We looked anxiously at the cyclists who dared to cycle there. Such dangerous situations. Very couregeous of all those cyclists

  3. You know why fuel costs are so high, this has been planned for years by the government, there is an enormous amount oil stockpiled that will keep us going for many many years yet, anyhow it is still good to get cycling

  4. Well, when I drove 50 miles by car, no one in my office noticed that the air had deteriorated. And when I enter the office after 50 miles on a bicycle… And there is no shower in the office… :-O

  5. Hey, what about sweating and stinking at work after your commute? What if you don't have a shower in your office? And what if you live in Siberia and winter is usually -30? I really want to go by bike everyday but I can't 🙁

  6. interesting and somehow obvious arguments. what wonders me the most is that one HUGE argument which does not allow to replace the car with a bike (especially in UK) was not even mentioned – rain! Me – I wouldnt care too much about rain myself, but when we're talking about bringing two kids to the kindergarten, then I'm all for the car and most parents will agree about that I guess 😉

  7. I keep the car for long distance trips & my eBike is used for most of the short trips & work commutes – saved at least 250 kg CO2 in a year already even factoring electricity use for recharging 🙂

  8. Hell yeah. I smashed that like button hard. I started biking to work 4 or 5 years ago and never looked back. For those who think their commute is too long to bike 2 times a day, look in to adding a bus or train to make it more realistic.

  9. From my personal experience, I would say that there are some expected and unexpected benefits to cycling to work:

    > Fuel saving is obvious, but I only commute 5.5miles, so it’s not a massive saving for me personally.

    > Time difference? Well despite the fact that my commute in a car is actually quite decent (I live and work in Manchester), my cycle commute is only around 3-5 minutes slower than a car. Not really worth worrying about is it?!

    > Traffic queues are no longer an issue, ever!

    > Since I restarted cycling to work in mid-2017, I’ve lost 3 stone (19kg) bringing my BMI back to below 25.

    > My lung age has been dropping each year according to our company health visitor.

    > My sense of balance seems to have improved greatly over the last few years (no idea why).

    > I no longer suffer back ache, seems that my core muscles are supporting me much better now.

    > I think cycling (and running for that matter) to work helps to wake you up. Making the start to the working day a little less painful.

    > I can run from the ground floor to our top floor (only 3 floors) without any difficulty and be barely out of breath. Previously climbing just one flight of stairs was embarrassingly hard work.

    Okay, it’s not all peachy. When there’s an absolute shocker of a storm outside, a car is definitely a much more appealing mode of transport. And my appetite is increased massively, I’m permanently hungry and eat almost continuously through the day. Thankfully, not so much to offset the cycling…

    Oh and I've said this before on another GCN video, I'm definitely sick to death of punctures. Definitely the scourge of my cycle commutes.

    I turned fifty this year and I can honestly say that I feel fitter now than I was say 15-20 years ago.

    So why wouldn't you commute by bike?

  10. Step 1 sell car.
    Step 2 surgically remove ability for critical thinking.
    Step 3 ride 15 kms under the speed limit on a major public raod then complain cars dont respect you
    Step 4 rip accross 3 lanes of traffic without looking just because you indicated you want to.
    Step 5 have BS laws passed so car users have to illegally pass into the adjacent lane to avoid you riding 20 kms under speed limit.
    Step 6 (optional) become a virtue signaling vegan.

  11. We ride 18000km per year. We have two cars and they do about 5000km per year in total. But I haven't figured out how to carry a couple of 400 kg bales of hay behind the bike. Or how to take a cow to market with one. So I can't quite get rid of the car yet.

  12. We've had bikes for very long and still many people keep using their car. This video will not change that……..It start promising though, with an e-bike. An e-bike is a bike with a magical button, press it and all disadvantages of a normal bike will disappear. That will make it much more attractive for car-owners to switch to a bike! Certainly if the bike can carry lots of cargo and children it will be able to replace the car in most situations!
    An electric cargo bike is the bike best positioned to get people out of their car.

    You did show a Tern GSD for a moment, these are really practical . Have a look at this veto-ads video on it

    I have a normal cargo bike with e-motor and aero bars. You won't believe how multipurpose it is and therefore my preferred mode of transport for every trip that can be done at 20 km/h average

  13. Did it 5 years ago, now transport 3 kids around, shopping etc mostly on a long tail cargo bike. When there is absolutely no alternative we hire an appropriate vehicle. It takes a bit of adjustment for sure but the benefits are huge and include losing weight and saving a fortune.

  14. Its positive that GCN promotes bicycle life. UK goverment should change their infrastructure for bicycle roads. If they would start now it could be that within 10 years UK life will have changed for the better!

  15. I have a van because I like to go away on weekends but I don't ever drive to the supermarket or work. I ride my bike everywhere and onky drive my van for weekend trips. I'm just going to keep it until it dies and then I'll get a better bike or a moped. I like having the freedom of being able to get out of the city for the weekend. For me keeping my old van is worth the costs because its Lpg which is super cheap and I only use it like 4 times a month. I only have 3rd party car insurance so it doesn't cost as much as a newer car.


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