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  1. Premature comment by the Greek after his loss.
    He cant beat Lopez in next match and you think he can now beat the 3 greatest players of all time, because he beat you…no he's not ready.
    And one win tells you nothing.You have to keep getting to finals, especially in majors so you vs these players each a number of times and after atleast 7 or so meetings then we can get a gauge on how you stack up against the greats.
    Nick K also makes premature and immature comments. He recently told the media because he's leading h2h against Djokovic (they only played twice) it makes Federer the G.O.A.T and the other 2 can't ever be.
    Nick would you start getting past 2nd rounds mate so i can take you seriously!

  2. 37-year-old Lopez will play against a 34-year-old Simon in the final. In Germany another 37-year-old Federer will also be playing in another final. Where's all the youngsters? If they don't improve, these old guys will never retire!

  3. Murray n Lopez have proven to be as good as Bryan n Bryan. They should concentrate on doubles to collect at least 4 doubles G.S. Playing double matches will not tax their bodies too much so as to minimize injuries. Good luck.

  4. Wow, I thought it might be the Next Gens in the finals. Whoever thought two “old” guys 😊. Should be an interesting final. I hope Lopez is not too tired. He and Murray had that three-setter double! Good to see them both playing well.

  5. This next gen wont get it and will get injured. You can get away with sliding on hard court and obviously clay but you cannot on grass. You have to change your mentality.

  6. Very glad for both Lopez and Murray.
    Simon is such a great mover, he makes opponent uncomfortable because he obligates you to always play an extra shot. If he could only have more powerful groundstrokes, would be definitely a damn of a player.

  7. Andy in Doubles final and Feli in singles final? cannot believe.
    Feli can win this event one more time.
    Spanish veterans rock this summer. my darling Raw-bred-oh! has second run-up in a row in Parma, won Poznan last weekend.

  8. Ass far ass I remember the span between Feli's London's titles is pretty long. Epic achievement for sure, Veterans "Come on! We can still beat young guns!, we are not too old to move around, hit and break"


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