Stephen A. Smith, DeAngelo Williams and Domonique Foxworth debate how far the Dallas Cowboys can go in the 2019 season without Ezekiel Elliott. Stephen A. says the Cowboys could potentially make the playoffs without Zeke, pointing to DeAngelo Williams filling out for Le’Veon Bell on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015.

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  1. could they MAKE it… yes, but they always MAKE it to the playoffs and lose their very first game and then they're out. it doesnt matter if they were 13-3 or 9-7, they almost always lose the first playoff game and go home. I was actually surprised they beat Seattle this past season to make it to even play the Rams… and im a cowboys fan, LOVE my cowboys… but they will break your heart every year… dont even MENTION the superbowl, they have to change the culture and the coach before they will get there… Jason Garrett will not get them to a superbowl…

  2. Sure, the cowboys COULD go to the superbowl without Zeke if they buy tickets early AND the Cleveland browns MIGHT go, Barney Frank could marry a woman…Obama might show us his College transcripts, Hillary could be honest, Bill could be pure, holy and good…Roger Goodell could judge impartially and fairly…and…of course…pigs could fly south for the winter:

    You jack-wagons!

  3. Unless the Eagles just totally collapse and the Cowboys make the playoffs by default, there is no way the Cowboys are a Wildcard team without Ezekiel Elliott. People need to think about other teams in the conference and the overall schedule when thinking about how well a team is going to be in a season. NFC South has 3 good teams. The NFC North got 3 good teams, and the NFC West is no joke. The Cowboys aren't that good that they will just fall into a Wildcard Spot. That is just disrespectful to the other 14 teams in the NFC.

  4. The reason why Alfred Morris was so successful in Washington is because of Robert Griffin lll. The “Pistol Offense” that Shanahan designed for Washington for that particular time suited Robert’s game and opened up the running field for Morris. So having said that, it will be a little difficult for Alford Morris to replace Zeke if was not play this year because of how the Dallas offense is set for Elliot’s style. Dallas doesn’t run the pistol offense, the whole attack is based around Ezekiel Elliott’s running. It’s not the same. We shall see how things unfold.

  5. Hater you worked with the eagles that's why u mad cause those eagles can't touch the cowboys you say cowboys fans you hate that's a lie hater you hate the cowboys Stephen a stop making excuses you and shannon Sharpe stop your lies

  6. ESPN may have stumbled on a new format for first take. With Stephen A being able to hold his own he can literally have former professionals who has the chops debate the beat him. Maybe not every show, but a few times a week. The show seems good if not even better

  7. Prescot is a midle of the pack back up , Elliot make that offence move, Dallas wont win anything with out Elliot, thats the only super player they have,Amari is a pussy ,he plays like a girl lol


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