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Welcome back to the world of boxing! Today our review is devoted to the destruction of real monsters of large masses in MMA. Is weight important in a fight? This question is often asked by martial art lovers whether extra few tens of kilograms will help them to win in a real battle. We receive answers to all these questions in MMA to the sport closest to the street fight. Today we will remember 5 fights where the big guys opposed the little fighters and were defeated.

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  1. Gee whiz it’s almost like MMA had to slowly transition out of a WWE mindset into an actual professional fighting circuit and its fighters similarly had to progress from larger than life actors into actual honed fighters.

  2. The title is so wrong. This was pre MMA. The UFC was created by the Gracies to show that Jiu Jitsu was the most superior martial art, where a smaller opponent could face a much bigger. Fast forward 20 years and the MMA has weight divisions, because all fighters know jiu jitsu. There is no way a light weight MMA fighter win a heavy weight MMA fighter.


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