Max Kellerman contends that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be able to play until he is 45 years old because of the changes to the roughing the passer rule. Kellerman continues to say that because Brady has been able to play for so long, he is setting a trend for other quarterbacks to do the same.

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  1. Kellerman is a laughable blowhard. The whole reason he initially brought up this "Cliff" bullshit a few years ago is because he believed when every QB hits the age of 40 their skills go away. It's an age thing. Now with TB12 still playing at a high level and leading the Patriots to more Super Bowls in his 40's' it's totally wrecked his bullshit theory. The more he tries to do damage control ( Oh u can't touch the QB anymore) the worst he makes himself look. Give it up boy.

  2. My God Max Kellerman is delusional, he distorts history and reality to fit his narrative and opinions. This crooked mouthed wind bag has been talking about "the cliff" for a decade now. Has he never seen a fucking cliff?! It's dead drop straight down, not a gradual decline. Go back to boxing, or rapping, Max. The NFL doesn't need nor want your insight, it's not based on reality it's based on his bias. Go Patriots! Defending Super Superbowl Champions!

  3. Brandy's wife is worth way more than he would make at top dollar, so he can afford to take less money. Other players are the key breadwinners and some the only provider in their household.

  4. New DRINKING GAME….every NEW video Max Kellerman mentions "The Cliff," take a shot or drink a beer….if you're new to this… look back on ALL the times Kellerman has mentioned "The Cliff" and for each time…take a SHOT or DRINK a BEER!

  5. Max, you gotta let go of this cliff take, its materialized into a cold sore and ESPN is gonna have a harder and harder time trying to hide it…. 😳🤢😅 why wouldn’t they have him on the left side to at least keep it out of the spotlight?? It’s literally the only thing I can watch 👁👃🏻👁

  6. Ya know maybe Tom Brady’s stats are down because his top players are a former Bills 4th string receiver a seventh round quarterback a hurt gronk and a dude on drugs

    No disrespect on edelman and the boys but they not Kelce hill Watkins and hunt

  7. The cliff is obvious kellerman it's still 4 years and 2 super bowls later and your still talking shit. The trend is Brady took 60 million in pay cuts for them to win 6 super bowls so God forbid he get a little money for doing it. I wish they would just fire your hater ass!!


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